How research funders are tackling coronavirus disruption

Nature published an editorial today on the position of the world’s main research funding organizations towards the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The article addresses the vital question of what measures are being introduced by the large funders to minimize the strain put on projects and beneficiaries by national lockdowns and the associated closure of laboratories and organizations. Many scientists are not able to carry on with their grant-funded work at the moment, left worrying about how this will affect the progress of their projects and the funding in general. Since disruptions in the implementation of research initiatives may cause considerable delays and have immediate and severe implications on the payment of salaries and materials which are being covered by grants, it is of great interest if and how the main funding organizations are reacting to the current crisis.

Nature spoke to the world’s major research funders to find out how they are adapting their funding policies in response to the pandemic. You can read the article here.



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