Our Team

Our friendly, dedicated team members have different backgrounds but one common mission: To help advance science and innovation, to connect people and improve patients’ lives around the globe.

Our hierarchies are lean, allowing us to be agile and efficient. In this environment, we are able to provide excellent service. We are extremely committed to what we do, set high standards for ourselves and show great appreciation for our partners’ needs.

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Dr Claudia Schacht

Founder & Managing Director


Claudia has been working in international research and innovation projects for more than 15 years, supporting successful applications to a wide array of national and international funding programs such as BMBF, MRC/UKRI, NIH, the EU Framework Programmes, IMI, EDCTP or EIT Health. She has guided more than 40 resulting projects with funding of up to 28 million EUR through grant preparation and implementation, and many of those to successful follow-up initiatives. Claudia has strong people skills and thrives on new challenges. Her particular focus in recent years have been clinical studies and collaboration with industry.

At LINQ, Claudia uses her experience in supporting international research projects primarily to facilitate the planning and preparation of new initiatives. She guides and coordinates project design and proposal writing and supports new consortia in their set-up phase. Moreover, she develops actionable risk mitigation strategies and monitors their implementation to ensure successful completion of each project and help maximise impact. Claudia supports stakeholder management and guides networking both within the context of individual projects and beyond.

Phone. +49 (0)175 927 16 31

Dr. Claudia Schacht

Julia Büch

Co-Founder & Project Management Lead


Julia brings in more than ten years of experience in the management and administration of international research collaborations. Her portfolio has included small and large-scale collaborative projects, clinical trials and networks funded by EU-FP7, Horizon2020, EDCTP, EIT Health as well as national and regional funding schemes. She is an expert in day-to-day project management and monitoring, financial issues and project reporting and has provided numerous training courses on project and financial management, both at national and international level, either as part of capacity building schemes in EU and EDCTP projects or directly for partner organizations, research institutes and universities. Julia supports her projects with strong communication skills and provides expert advice on project implementation, preparation of audits and contractual issues.

At LINQ, Julia oversees all areas of operations and keeps the project management team performing at its peak. She translates best practice into standard processes and adapts them to new programmes whenever a new funder is added to the LINQ portfolio. In addition to safeguarding efficiency and compliance in general, Julia is involved in the management of the two EDCTP-funded clinical trials TriageTB and TB-CAPT.

Phone. +49 (0)160 15 41 074

Julia Buech

Dr Vera Schneider

Senior Advisor 


Vera did her PhD in the field of Molecular Biology and Tropical Medicine at the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine, Hamburg, and the Department of Infectious Diseases & Tropical Medicine at the LMU, Munich, Germany. As part of her PhD she developed diagnostic PCR assays for mycobacterial diseases under tropical and field conditions and established field laboratories in several countries in Africa. Vera has more than 15 years of experience in the field of collaborative research and innovation management. In her previous position, she oversaw project planning, proposal management and proposal writing and supported large interdisciplinary consortia in a variety of different funding schemes, including BMBF, the EU Framework Programmes, and IMI/IHI.

At LINQ, Vera will be involved in the final steps of the Horizon 2020 project EUCANCan and support two new projects funded by the EDCTP and Horizon Europe, respectively. She will also be involved in the planning and set-up of new initiatives, providing strategic advice and hands-on proposal management support.

Caroline Stöhr

Senior Project Manager


Caroline has a background in Business Administration (M.A.) and Cross-Cultural-Studies (B.A.). After working as a Key Account Manager at an inter-cultural consultancy company where she was responsible for human resource development and consultancy schemes for international business projects, she turned to project management for large-scale research collaborations. Caroline now has over ten years of experience in managing international projects in the fields of life science and medical research and has worked in a variety of funding schemes, such as FP7, Horizon 2020, IMI, and EDCTP. She is an expert in creating the structural basis for smooth and successful collaboration in large and cross-sector research initiatives and has successfully trained and mentored many junior professionals in the field of research project management.At LINQ, Caroline supports the management of the EDCTP-funded projects TB-CAPT and StatinTB, and helps these projects adapt to the new, more virtual work situation caused by the current pandemic. By coordinating efforts towards the creation of virtual learning and support environments for young scientists, she contributes to the development of timely innovative solutions for capacity building. In addition, Caroline uses her expert knowledge and long-term experience to support proposals in various programmes.

Caroline Stohr

Britta Theobald-Löffler

Senior Project Manager


After obtaining a degree in languages and communication, Britta started working in the administration of international projects and has now accumulated over 12 years of experience in managing collaborative research and innovation projects under a variety of funding frameworks such as FP7, Horizon 2020, EDCTP, and BMBF. She draws on her strong people skills, broad knowledge about specific funding requirements, and a detailed understanding of what it takes to efficiently plan and execute complex initiatives. Britta is committed to creating an atmosphere of collaboration, forging strong partnerships between diverse players from across the world, and helping them to successfully implement their projects.

At LINQ, Britta uses her broad range of expertise to support the TrENDxTB study, facilitating close collaboration between the EDCTP-funded TriageTB project and the NIH project ENDxTB,  EUCANCan, a Horizon 2020 initiative which forms part of a larger international cluster. She is also leading our efforts to optimally prepare for the new funding programmes, including Horizon Europe and EDCTP3.

Dr Christoph Cyranski

Project Manager


Christoph holds a PhD in Anthropology from Heidelberg University. Before joining LINQ, he worked as an independent research assistant, editor and translator, and provided science management and workshops on intercultural communication for Heidelberg University. His own primary research focused on health, wellness and illness in the South Asian context, and he participated in international research projects on medical tourism in India and on asymmetric relations between European and Asian medicine. His professional experience further includes community work at Y.R.G. CARE in India for HIV/AIDS research and education in South Asia and at the Fundación Norte in Argentina for the empowerment of indigenous groups from South America.

At LINQ, Christoph works with projects in their implementation phase and in their earliest stages, primarily in EDCTP and EIT Health programmes. He supports research teams in project planning, proposal writing, and designing and executing project implementation plans. As a project manager in the clinical trial StatinTB, funded by the EDCTP and coordinated in South Africa, he puts much focus on conceptualising, organising, and implementing capacity building activities. Christoph further supports the management of the Immunising Pregnant Women and Infants Network, IMPRINT, funded by the UK Government’s Global Challenges Research Fund. In IMPRINT, he is in charge of different communication and dissemination tasks as well as manages the network’s Public Engagement scheme.

Alessia Perrone

Project Manager


Alessia holds a Master of Science in Industrial Biotechnology from the University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy. Before joining LINQ, she worked as an Associate Director, Research and Development, for a drug development company in Berlin, Germany, where she managed various scientific projects. In this role, she collaborated with scientists at universities, research centers and pharmaceutical companies as well as with a German patent office on two patent applications. Her portfolio included a drug-development project focused on the treatment of depression, a drug-repurposing study focused on schizophrenia and an observational study looking at Parkinson’s disease. While still in this job, Alessia completed a one-year traineeship with the Contract Research Organisation CCDRD AG. She later joined the organisation as a Clinical Project Manager, managing several phase I studies for generics, a phase I study with patients with schizophrenia and two phase III studies on patients with endometriosis.

At LINQ, Alessia uses her experience in managing diverse international research studies to support impact presentations and the final reporting of a multi-project grant related to COVID-19. She is also involved in the set-up of LINQ’s new Horizon Europe-funded projects, for which she will provide project management and communication and dissemination support. Moreover, Alessia is involved in the proposal process for new initiatives.

Alice Diepenbrock

Project Manager


Alice has an educational background in Economics, cultural studies, and languages. She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and has more than ten years of experience in undertaking and managing international research projects for public and private sector clients. Prior to joining LINQ, she has worked in data analysis, research, and consulting, being responsible for budgets, proposals, controlling, and resource management. In her previous job as Project Lead, her focus has been on sustainability projects in emerging and developing countries, especially in Africa. She has been involved in projects funded by the European Commission and by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and collaborated with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). She also organised and conducted international conferences and workshops in Southeast Asia. Having worked and studied across Europe and in the US, Alice has a passion for bringing cross-cultural teams together, ensuring the smooth running of projects and initiatives.

At LINQ, she uses her experience to support projects in their implementation phase across a variety of funders, including the EDCTP3-funded MARC SE-Africa project and ENDxTB, funded by the NIH. Her primary activities are project management and promoting communication.

Hannah Faber

Project & Communications Manager


Hannah holds a Master of Arts in North American Studies, with an educational background in history, literature and political science. In her research, she focused on the history of medicine and medical research. Before joining LINQ, she worked at the Freie Universität Berlin for several years, where she helped conceptualize and implement effective content and communication strategies for one of the university’s Excellence Clusters. Through her work, she has experience in creating various types of content and website copy, social media campaigns, academic and non-academic articles and press releases.

At LINQ, Hannah supports Christoph in the implementation of dissemination and communication activities for GenPath Africa and IMPRINT. Specifically, she crafts promotional content for the media and the web, and drafts, reviews, and edits communication deliverables. Together with Claudia she coordinates cross-cluster communication within the GenEpi Network, funded by EDCTP3 and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Hannah is also involved in the proposal process for new initiatives.

Zala Tursic

Content & Communications Manager


Zala has an educational background in Sociology (MA) and International Relations (BA). Before joining LINQ, she worked in a variety of non-governmental and social impact-centred organisations in Ljubljana, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Berlin. She has ample experience in strategic and impact communications on topics ranging from public procurement and green funds to labour rights. She is skilled at managing communications for organisations and initiatives active in international spaces and proficient in effective communication of complex topics using visuals, videos and written copy for websites, newsletters, and social media platforms.

At LINQ, Zala oversees dissemination and communication activities for MARC-SE Africa, PROTECT, Vax2Muc and WORMVACS projects, as well as general LINQ communications.