LINQ supporting EIT Health Hearing Coachings in Frankfurt

On May 29 and June 8 2017, the German EIT Health GmbHy organized two full-day preparatory coachings for successful German coordinators who were invited to present their planned projects in the upcoming final stage of the selection process of the call for proposals for EIT Health's 2018 Business Plan.

To optimally support the workshop participants with a full range of relevant expertise, Entrepreneurship Manager Dr Bodo Brückner, Innovation Manager Dr Stephanie Bechtel and Business Creation Manager Dr Eva-Maria Markutzik from the German EIT Health CLC teamed up with pitch trainer Colin Bennett, design specialist Mary Delaney, and proposal & programme expert Dr Claudia Schacht from LINQ management. After introductory expert talks, tailored support and advice from the team of coaches as well as a focussed pitch rehearsal at the end of each day, the coordinators are now ready to shine in the Hearings - and coaches keeping their fingers crossed for each of them!